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上海快三一定牛走势图:PV enterprises in Beijing eight years payback

今天下午上海快三开奖 Date:2015-10-17 10:08:49  Hits:1625  Belong to:Focus

         Beijing To accelerate the upgrade of the proportion of new energy consumption, after the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Beijing distributed PV incentive fund management approach" (hereinafter referred to as "incentives"), made it clear to the city distributed PV power generation project will be rewarded. In the two months after the implementation of these measures, the policy for the heavy landing situation, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission yesterday disclosed that for the first time, at the enterprise level, incentives to 0.3 yuan / kWh standard for five consecutive years of distributed PV reward power generation projects, through accounting, which is equivalent to the investment subsidy of 16% of construction costs, the payback period can be shortened to eight years. Currently, the policy has generated significant boost effect on the industry.
        In recent years, as the Chinese government will rise to the height of renewable energy strategic emerging industries, the green energy photovoltaic power generation into the fast lane, which distributed PV mode even been identified as a key support for the relevant authorities in the field, For a time, the country also have introduced support policies. It is distributed in order to encourage large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation systems, distributed photovoltaic projects to solve the current high cost, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued in August to implement the incentives, and promised reward for five years in a row.
       In the industry view, Beijing introduced this policy, will form a demonstration effect in the country, distributed solar photovoltaic industry as a whole is a major positive. Director of Municipal Development and Reform Commission Energy Department, Deng Minshan introduced incentives after Beijing landed, mean plus state subsidy distributed photovoltaic projects 0.42 yuan per kilowatt-hour, the city of distributed photovoltaic project can get 0.72 yuan per kilowatt-hour of funds support in the country, this type of support is relatively large. "More importantly, taking into account the relatively high price of the city industrial and commercial factors, the introduction of the policy in the city formed a good policy environment for the development of distributed PV." Deng Minshan said.
       Meanwhile, since the incentives are calculated for grid electricity, so not only corporate subsidies available, ordinary consumers can also get a reward. Meng Jun, director of product Huaye Sunshine New Energy calculations, according to a solar power plant operators invested 27,000 yuan in Beijing, the current capital subsidy system, the public benefits of about 4,000 yuan per year, so that within a maximum of eight years will be able to recover the cost.
       "Since promulgated incentives to less than two months now, the policy has achieved significant results, according to preliminary statistics, the city's new distributed photovoltaic power generation projects record 9, installed capacity of 48.3 MW, this figure does not including individuals ready to build distributed photovoltaic project, "Deng Minshan said," This month filing distributed PV project installed capacity equivalent to the installed capacity in the past six months for the record. "incentives will produce long-term effects on the entire industry. After estimating, 2015-2019, Beijing added 750 megawatts of distributed solar scale, directly contributing to the social investment of 7.0 billion yuan, can attract a wide range of social capital investment photovoltaic industry.


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